Hi all,
On Thursday morning (17/11), as we previously disclosed, as part of ABC 774 Melbourne’s Transport Blitz on Jon Faine’s program, you surely would of heard the Great Commuter Race between bicycle, car and bus.

And the winners were, of course, bicycles! There should be a podcast avaliable on ABC soon.

First Commuter Challenge: Steve & I vs. ABC staffer Jeremy (in Subaru Forester) left Northcote Town Hall at approximately 7.45am on Red Symon’s show. I should of taken Red’s pre-race advice & gone for a coffee on Brunswick St! After a superb ride in through Collingwood and East Melbourne, we arrived at Southbank: 8.09am.

Jeremy arrived at approximately twenty past eight, as we were casually relaxing upstairs with Ted Vincent (VicRoads) and Janet Rice (Melbourne Transport Forum & City of Maribrynong Councillor ) in the guest lounge waiting to be interviewed by Jon Faine.

Second Commuter Challenge:
Jason, also cycling, left Doncaster Rd, North Balwyn at 8:40am. SBS staffer Gabby caught a bus at the same location and time as Jason departed.

Jason duly arrived at Federation Square at 9:15am, but Gabby arrived at Federation Square via a combination of bus and tram at 9:40am!!! Proving yet again cycling is a great alternative to the car or even public transport. There is more discussion & idle chatter on aus.bicycle

Our salute to sustainable transport was also noted in Mx‘s Thursdays edition, in an article with “Cyclists come out trumps”. Courtesy of MitH, I now have a mp3 of the entire shenanigans – Faine & Symons chatting away prior to 7.30am, the 7.45am start with Jeremy & I, the interviews with the *now legendary* Jason & Chris. It’s a whopping 3539K, so email YarraBUG for a copy.

UPDATE: Listen to the mp3 audio file here.

‘Twas a Grand Day for cycling!

cheers, Chris 😉