Further background to the Great Commuter Race

Melbourne’s bicycle trails on track
To help get the recent 774 ABC Melbourne’s special ‘Traffic Blitz’ broadcast on the way, mapping the traffic and public transport problems across Melbourne, our Breakfast presenter, Red Symons, fired a starting gun and two races between two pairs of people to get to the city, had begun.

Jeremy Lee used his car and Chris Star rode her bicycle to get to the 774 studio from Northcote. Chris arrived at the ABC Southbank building about eleven minutes before Jeremy. In the meantime, Gaby Hills caught the bus from Balwyn, leaving the bus stop at exactly the same time as Jason (aka Flying Dutch), who was riding his bike. Once again, the cyclist beat the bus commuter to their final destination, this time by 15 minutes. Both results illustrate what cyclists have known for a long time. It is often quicker to commute on a bicycle than using motorised road transport during peak hour. (See our story ‘Melbourne’s most disgruntled commuter)’

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