Bin the Bike Ban

Announcing … Bin the Bike Ban campaign on the V/Line and Connex changes to taking bicycles on peak hour services. This site collates information and public discussion about the recent bicycle ban.

Also please feel free to subscribe to the public transport discussion group.

Keep in mind, as Alan Parker mentions here, this ‘ban’ is yet another example of a systematic long-term problem that certain groups have been passing the buck on for literally decades.

Hence, why anyone who opposes this ban needs to carefully consider short-term, medium-term and long term strategies to counter it.

A vital point: Please be patient, as it will be difficult to draw together everyone’s ideas and suggestions, so the Bin the Bike Ban site and public transport email group will probably be like a clearing house until we collectively decide what directions, strategies or time lines people want to take.

Any good community-based campaign is a ensemble effort. If you have particular interest, idea or knowledge please consider what your contribution could be. Please pass this message onto anyone you know who could be affected by these bans.