Correspondence received from Cr Misha Coleman regarding Rushall Reserve: 

Dear Resident

Over the past couple of weeks,  a number of people have asked me about the new 'information' that is being circulated about the path in the lead up to this weekend’s Council elections.

For example, some residents have been informed that 40 trees will be removed, and that the path will be wider than what we voted for - a maximum width of 2 metres .

Neither of those claims are correct, and I encourage you to check the August update on the Yarra website for the correct information.

What we went for in the end was a path made of materials that  supports pedestrians, prams and people who use mobility aids, and cyclists.

We also went with the design that most closely follows the railway and which minimises intrusion into open space,  which aims to preserve the significant tree and which has the least impact to trees overall.


1. with regards to the assertion that the path has to be more than 2m to comply with AustRoads guidelines:

a. I have double-checked this.  The guidelines are not compulsory, they are guides only, and City of Yarra currently has no plans to make it wider than we voted for;

b. the only change expected from what was included in the August Council report is that the path width has been reduced, so that as a 2m wide path, it will not extend into the park as far as shown below (the image showed a 3m wide path). Otherwise the alignment is expected to be in accordance with the plan in the report.

2. With regards to the alignment/siting of the path:

c. The report identified the alignment required to clear the water assets – 600mm horizontal clearance. (see below)


d. We are yet to receive further technical (engineering) advice and to have that reviewed by VicTrack. This is expected to be finalised in late November/early December.

e. Currently, the Council  staff  have engaged engineers to draw up the design according to the resolution which Council passed in August.

3. With regards to the loss of trees,  I too hate to see ANY  tree loss, and I went yesterday to have a look at the tress in Rushall Reserve  because many have  been severely damaged following the recent storms. As you can see from the photos attached, some of the trees are indeed in a bad way following the storms, and I’ve asked the arborist to go out today to see if any supports can be put in place for the damaged trees in the reserve.











I'm very happy to talk by phone or in person with anyone who wants to gain clarity  about what is actually being proposed and where the process is up to.

Cr Misha Coleman, M.Law., GAICD.
Green’s Councillor for City of Yarra
0428 509 943
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