In 2009 the Cycling Promotion Fund, the Amy Gillett Foundation and Digicast produced four video clips, in various locations around the City of Yarra, with tips on how to avoid common risks when cycling in traffic. These videos were created after several workshops and networking with local riders, cycling clubs and bicycle user groups.There’s also a couple of us from YarraBUG trying out our acting skills as well, although we won’t be exchanging our day jobs for acting careers 😉

The dramatic increase in bicycle rider numbers over recent years has lead to large numbers of relatively inexperienced bicycle riders. These video clips provide bicycle riders and would be riders with practical tips on how to avoid common hazards when riding in traffic.

The clips have been developed by bicycle riders for bicycle riders with financial assistance from the TAC Community Grants program.

Bicycle lanes are great in providing some marked space for bicycle rider on busy roads. Unfortunately many bicycle lanes are located near parked cars which can become a real hazard.

Intersections can be tricky for all road users but particularly bicycle riders. Here are some tips on how to tackle intersections.

Our roads are increasingly busy and bicycle riders have to share the road with cars, trucks, buses and trams. Sharing the road with larger vehicles in particular requires awareness, skills and strategies.

Bicycle riders are often not on the radar of motorists. Here are some tips to increase your chances of being seen by motorists.