Bike bags – the myriad ways to carry things on your bike!: Val and Faith are joined in the studio on a stunning spring morning by Evan Howard of Terra Rosa Gear. We share our respective bike moments and then run through some local news including; Neometro development to close the Upfield shared path for two years, the results from the 2017 Melbourne to Warnambool and an opportunity to say goodbye to Paul Farren.

Discussion turns to bikepacking and the amazing array of bags people use to make trips on their bikes. Evan talks us through a bikepacking set up, and the versatility different bags can deliver so that riders can take advantage of the bikes they have to enjoy all sorts of adventures. We also dicuss the DIY opportunities the bike world seems to enjoy so much as well as different businesses that have sprung up developing bags to meet different needs. You can check out the bags Evan makes at Terra Rose Gear, a list of bikebag manufacturers worldwide at Cycling About and some DIY possibilities, herehere and here.

We finish the program with some upcoming events including the Cycle Chic Film Night, the Big Bike Film NightRide 2 Work Day and Amy’s Bike Skills in the City of Yarra.