Step away from the car: using active transport choices:  We’re off having a short break over the new year, but here’s three segments from Radio Adelaide series Step Away From The Car,  produced by Nicky Page and recorded with people involved with 2017 Australian Walking and Cycling Conference.

Port Adelaide Bicycle User Group: Heavy industry, heavy vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians are a pretty uncomfortable combination in Port Adelaide. The grassroots Bicycle User Group there has been working for 35 years to “increase the margins of safety” for cyclists and pedestrians. BUG Secretary Sam Powrie describes the situation and some of their successes.

Knowing Your Place: 3214: Most places hold endless stories and sights if you just take a closer look. Five self guided walks developed by local people in the northern suburbs of Geelong have captured many of them. Community Development Officer Amanda Stirrat explains that support for cycling has been just one of the flow on effects of this project.

Women and Children Step Away from the Car: Why is it so hard for women and children to get out of the car and onto bikes, scooters and their own two feet? Jan Garrard and Hulya Gilbert are two researchers with a few answers. And some solutions.