Shame and empowerment: comparing how we feel about bicycle repairs: Val and Faith kick off the show with studio guest Margot Abord of Universite de Lyon and we all share our bicycle moments, both rural and urban. We thank some more recent and very generous donatiuons from our listeners towards our Radiothon total. We take a look at recent news including; Lewis Ciddor’s brilliant Tour Divide rideMoray St bike infrastructure improvements sending some into a spin, the City of Melbourne Bicycle Transport Strategy discussion and City of Yarra feedback on local resident submissions.

We turn to Margot’s research into a comparison between feelings around bicycle repairs in both Lyon and Melbourne and discuss how the need to carry out repairs can deter some people from riding while discovering a hands-on connection with their bicycle can be empowering for others. You can contribute towards Margot’s research by completing the online Bike Repair Survey here.

We finish up with a reminder that it is never too late to donate to the 3CR Radiothon. if you would like to do so then you can here.