Four years of missed opportunities for active transport in Victoria: Chris catches up with Jenica Brooke (Melbourne Commuter) for a free-ranging discussion about four years of missed opportunities for active transport in Victoria since 2014. First up we discuss the Buckley Street LXRA project in Essendon, which has resulted in a poor outcome for pedestrians and cyclists, with ongoing works in the area, inappropriate detours, changing plans and incomplete details.

Watch: Youtube Buckley Street Trench (3 October 2018)

We touch upon Transport Integration Act (2010)Victorian Cycling Strategy 2018-28,VicRoads Bicycle Infrastructure Design and Cycling Aspects of Austroads Guides that reference active transport guidelines, with more missed opportunities for Extend the Upfield Bike Path to Upfield and the Swan Street/ Hoddle Street intersection in Richmond (eg: Streamlining Hoddle Street and Major Road Projects Authority video). We also discuss perception as reality putting off intending riders, political will or lack thereof, a lack of inclusiveness in Victorian government strategies for non-motorists and Luke Donnellans intriguing $58,000 bicycle-themed study tour.

Local news includes Power of the Pedal – Rupert Guinness’ new book launch at Curve Cycling on Thursday 11 October 2018. For more Melbourne bicycle news and events, follow Yarra Bicycle Users Group on twitterfacebook and our public events calendar.