Cory Boardman, Brompton Junction Melbourne, Hunt 1000 afterparty, Save Noble Park Velodrome

Brompton Junction Melbourne, Save Noble Park Velodrome update + Hunt 1000

On this weeks program: Chris talks to Cory Boardman from the new Brompton Junction Melbourne in Carlton North and all things Brompton, including the Brompton Hotlap at Shimano Super Crit and the flexible multi-modal uses of folding bikes. Cory also talks about an recent Coroners report about illegal hi-powered and over-powered e-bikes.

Local news includes a recap about City of Greater Dandenong decision to demolish Maurice Kirby Velodrome in Noble Park and a call out to Melbourne’s cycling community to ride the facility before any further work is done, including joining the new formed Noble Park Dandenong Cycling Club.

Steve talks to Kaydee Raths and Pepper Cook at the Hunt 1000 afterparty at Commuter Cycles back in November about blizzards, sandals, snow and their bikepacking adventures through Australia’s alpine country.