Riding to thrive- Sarah Hammond and Jesse Carlsson on touring with a sense of agency: Val opens todays show with a quote from Emily Kachorek before we introduce our studio guests Sarah Hammond and Jesse Carlsson. Everyone shares their bicycle moments and then we take a look at a couple of news items including Bicycle Network’s call for bicycle commuters to be paid for choosing to cycle, and the announcement of the first stage of works for the Yarra Valley Trail.  Val reminds everyone to turn on their lights!

Talk in the studio turns to getting outside of your comfort zone and Sarah and Jesse fill us in on their unplans to tour by bicycle while discovering ways to survive and thrive. We talk about the differences between their experiences touring with a sense of urgency and their new mode of travel which will depend on connections they are able to establish with both the places and communities they travel through. 

You’ll be able to catch up with Sarah and Jesse on April 27th at Moondog Brewery, and buy them one of their last beers, before they leave. Also on the same weekend is the Handmade Bicycle Show. And if you’re looking for some friendly rides to get you and yours out on your bikes then check out the upcoming rides with Neighbourly Ride