Herschel Landes & Glen Eira’s plans for a Safe Cycling Corridor: Val and Faith are joined in the studio by Herschel Landes. We all share our bike moments before taking a brief look at some news, specifically a Dutch Cycling Embassy report that finds weather is not one of the factors influencing peoples’ choice to use a bike for transport trips. 

Discussion turns to the Safe Cycling Corridor pilot in the City of Glen Eira, an attempt to link existing cycling infrastructure with a route across suburbs. Of the potential routes Inkerman Road lends itself well to this sort of infrastructure and would enable 8-80 cycling in an area which has a high level of car dependency.

Herschel discusses the benefits of the route for the local community in terms of enhanced transport mode choices, improved access to local services and amenities and community building as well as the fears voiced by those against the project. A first for the City of Glen Eira, this is a project that will be followed with interest. As an ongoing project be sure to send the City of Glen Eira your thoughts if this project has the potential to affect you.