Road Safety Symposium – Australian issues meet Dutch, and local, solutions: Val and Faith are joined in the studio today by Dr Elliot Fishman of the Institute for Sensible Transport. We share our bike moments before taking a look at news including: Sydney Cycleways working with Google Maps and looking for user feedback on bike routing, (upload screenshots and photos using your google account), Maribyrnong Draft Bicycle Strategy 2019-2029 now open for feedback and TV viewership for womens cyclocross race in Belgium is greater than for the men’s event for the first time. 

Elliot explains the motivation behind the Road Safety Symposium he has planned for March 2020 featuring both Australian and Dutch safety experts. We talk about the sudden increase in road deaths in Victoria, and other areas of Australia, particularly amongst cyclists and pedestrians and discuss the strategies the Netherlands has used to improve road safety over the past four or five decades and how these might be used to address Australian issues. Details about the Road Safety Symposium being held in both Sydney and Melbourne can be found here.

We finish the program with a couple of events. Tuesday in Brunswick a Community Meeting: A Better Sydney Road anda Community Social Ride: River Cruise hosted by Inner West Community Bike Hub.