Photo credit: Jason Lowndes speaking with Mark Furguson AKA Cycling Maven in Girona, Catalonia, in August 2017. Image: Nat Bromhead

What’s the price of justice for a cyclists life: on this weeks show Chris talks to Nat Bromhead from Bicycling Australia Magazine about sentencing for Jason Lowndes death in 2017, including distracted driving, what’s needed to improve road user behaviour, mobile phone useGitta Scheenhouwers death in South Yarra, Australian states not having standardised legal responses to minimum passing laws, improving infrastructure and an apparent disconnection between sentencing and community expectations.

We also chat about Commuter Cycling: will Australia embrace salary sacrifice ride to work schemes, who’s possibly next in line to run the Tour Down Under, upcoming Bicycling Australia events and the next BA edition with three major features by women writers.

Local news includes The A-Z of cycling in Melbourne that lists everything from ByKJetnikoff shop rides (highly recommended!), previous guests Melburn Durt and Rally for the Future of Melbourne’s Transport.