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We can assist you with local information, and also forward questions onto the City of Yarra Bicycle Advisory Committee on your behalf.

City of Yarra
For local cycling infrastructure, onroad bicycle lanes, bicycle paths, bicycle parking and general enquries, contact City of Yarra.

Local road enquiries, say like pot holes, road damage, glass or debris on roads etc, please contact City of Yarra Road & street services. Also you can report Roads & Footpath problems online.

For VicRoads, the Register of Public Roads & Other Information page will inform you what is within VicRoads jurisdiction. In relation to the roads included in the VicRoads Register of Public Roads, read below for further information:

  • Emergency road conditions and traffic signal faults within Victoria, phone 13 11 70 (24 hour service)
  • Road maintenance, phone 13 11 71 (Monday to Friday 8.30 am – 5.30 pm)
  • Who is responsible for managing the roads, phone VicRoads regional offices on 13 11 71
  • Road classifications, road alignments or boundaries and any plans or gazetted notices referenced in the Register, contact or phone (03) 9854 2106. Prior bookings must be made to view, at 60 Denmark Street Kew any VicRoads plans referenced in the Register.
  • Archived copies of the Register, contact
  • General enquiries should be submitted through Contact Us on VicRoads Home Page
  • Matters concerning the operation or maintenance of Melbourne City Link (Western and Southern Links) and Exhibition Street Extension (Batman Avenue) tollways, such as reporting a road hazard, should be directed to City Link by phone on 13 26 29

Bicycle Victoria
More tips from Bicycle Victoria on how to take action.

Victoria Police
Victoria Polices Virtual Bike has tips on bicycle safety and a downloadable Bike Security Form.

Please ensure you cc. any email or correspondence YarraBUG and Bicycle Victoria.


Had a accident? Been a victim of road rage?

Please read these very important tips from MASSBUG: Bike Tips: Reporting traffic incidents to police

What to do at the scene of an incident – At the scene of any crash, you should try to:

  • Remember you & others can be in shock & may not be completely with it;
  • Make sure the scene is safe, assist any injured person, call police & ambulance if necessary;
  • Exchange details with other vehicle drivers/riders and witnesses For any incident you want to report to police, record;
  • Registration number and description of vehicle (colour, make)
  • Description of driver (and occupants) if possible;
  • Contact details of any witnesses.

Record the rego by keying the number into your mobile, writing on your hand. (always carry a pen in your outer backpack/pannier pocket), or using a rock on the pavement – don’t rely on memory.

Reporting an incident to the police
Report as soon as possible. Go to any police station to report the incident as soon as you can (“after work” might be ok but it will count against you if you leave it too long).

Tell them that you want to report a traffic incident or dangerous driver behaviour or whatever, and use the magic words: “I want to make a statement and I’d be prepared to go to court if necessary”.

Without this, they won’t want their time wasted and will usually try to turn you away. It helps if you know your road rules and can tell them what offence has been committed. (more information in link)

Again, please ensure you cc. any email or correspondence YarraBUG and Bicycle Victoria.