YarraBUG Radio on iTunes

YarraBUG Radio on iTunes

There are several ways, and counting, of how to listen to YarraBUG Radio:

1. Listen in live on analogue radio at 10am every Monday morning on 3CR Community Radio on 855AM

2. Listen in via 3CR digital audio broadcasting. To tune into digital radio you will need a DAB receiver or device with a DAB+ chip.

3. Listen in live on the internet via live streaming on 3CR. Click here if you are on dialup.

4. Wait until after our broadcast to when the podcast is available – you can download the podcasts from 3CR’s podcast page or download for the link supplied in the first righthand column over there >>

5.  What is podcasting you ask? Learn how to get started here.

6. Listen to the podcasts via the onpage nifty audio-player for each episode.

7. You can subscribe and download YarraBUG Radio podcasts from iTunes

8. Another podcast option: listen on TuneIn:

9. Each podcast is hosted online for approximately 6 weeks from date of broadcast.

10. Enjoy!