Its a glorious summer morning as Val and Faith welcome their studio guest, John Murray. We talk about recent news including the Queensland Transport Committee’s inquiry into the laws affecting cyclists and FOA’s 2nd annual Show ‘n’ Shine on Saturday in Melbourne. Val reminisces with the recent 20th anniversary of Melbourne Critical Mass. John tells us about his grandfather, George Bloxham, and his ride in 1888 from Sydney to Brisbane on a New Rapid Roadster safety bicycle. While George’s mates rode ordinaries, his New Rapid Roadster was one of the first safety bicycles and  boasted ‘true tangent wheels’ and solid tyres,  a bicycle sturdy enough for the eleven day journey on unmade roads through a drought-ridden landscape. So, what will you be doing this Christmas?

We wrap up with some local events for you to enjoy.

PS. If you want to see what George Bloxham’s bike looked like then check out the pictures from Issue 13 of Treadlie Magazine