At 10am every Monday morning you can listen to Yarra Bicycle Users Group Radio on 3CR Community Radio; podcast, on-demand, streaming and digital.

Broadcasting on 3CR Community Radio since 2008, YarraBUG Radio presenters are Faith Hunter, Val Nagle, Steve Barnett & Chris Star

We have very diverse and long term cycling interests and no doubt if you’ve spent any time on a bike around Melbourne you’ve probably met one or all of us at some point

YarraBUG Radio encourages everyone to join in the sheer fun of bicycle riding and to also raise awareness in sustainable transport issues

We would like our show to be for everyone, cyclists or not and we would love non-cyclists to be in our audience

Recent podcasts

Good Cycles – Ten years and counting! YarraBUG

Faith and Val are joined by Adam Lana of Good Cycles in the studio today to talk about Good Cycles first ten years and what's to be expected in the next ten. First we all share our bike moments before taking a look at some news including: Yarra Councillors endorsing an expansion of the 30 km/hr speed limit trial to all streets in Fitzroy and Collingwood, excluding Johnston Street, subject to State Government approval and funding. And Merri-bek Council rolling out 40km/h speed limits on all local roads across the city, planned since 2010. Adam tells us how Good Cycles has changed since it's creation in 2013, the challenges in finding programs that honour the 'good' at the heart of the organisation while ensuring the NFP's ongoing success and the rewards in working to empower people, especially younger people, to find their place in the world. 
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