BikeSpot is an interactive map that allows every Australian to say where they feel safe or unsafe while riding their bike. Wherever you are in Australia, we want you to add your spot to the BikeSpot map.

Research has also shown that the key barrier to getting more people on bikes is how unsafe they feel when riding, particularly around cars. Monash University has found more than three-quarters of people are interested in riding a bike, but only when separated from cars, such as on off-road paths or protected bike lanes.

The aim of the project is to develop insights into perceived safe and unsafe cycling locations and contribute to prioritising future cycling infrastructure improvements. Data collected from the project will be de-identified and made publicly available.

Listen back: YarraBUG Radio Show #773 Monday 20th November 2023: on this weeks 3CR program Chris talks to Anthony Aisenberg about the BikeSpot project, it’s origins, why it’s worthwhile to map data, receiving feedback about unsafe locations, crashstats, community input, previous projects in 2016 and 2020, improving active transport infrastructure, receiving 20,000 submissions since BikeSpot opened and how to make your feedback about any location on the map