It was a stunning spring morning when Val and Faith took to the 3CR studios earlier this week. We were joined by studio guests Andrew Miller and Richard Read and the show took a distinctly rural corner as our thoughts turned to MTB. Mountain biking is booming and there are 101 ways to enjoy riding the dirt.

Andrew and his mates from Bright love it so much that they have put together their own event, the Bright 24hr. Richard rode the first Bright 24 hr last year and chimes in with his take on the best way to enjoy 24 hours of riding as a team. (Pro-tip: Its always better when you don’t crash.) We discover why you’d want to ride a bike through the night and all the different ways Bright 24hr have come up to make 24hr events accessible and fun for all sorts of riders.  We did manage to also squeeze in a little news and events as well. You can catch up with the podcast here.