You can ring my bell …….. Val and Faith kick off the show reminiscing about the weekend just past, Melbourne’s first real taste of spring before sharing our bicycle moments. We take a look at recent news, including Chaves result in the Vuelta overnight and the four days of racing at Sam Miranda Tour of King Valley. We congratulate the team at Fondo on their first birthday and the launch of their women’s racing team Trek Fondo before moving on to local news about bike baths. Moreland City Council have rejected an ill-concieved plan to introduce an ‘anti-dooring’ lane for cyclists on Sydney Rd, while pressure is increasing for a seperated bike lane to protect cyclists on St Kilda Rd.

Val takes a look at bells, the type of bell to suit you, and your bike and what you use it for.

We talk about the Speedvagen #SVFitTour by Vanilla Workshop coming up in early September, and the Mt Buller Pump Track which will be spending more time in Melbourne over the next few months. There is an op shop ride coming up next weekend and, its time to start planning your weekend away for the Bright 24hr.