Jumping back on your bike – the science of why it hurts:  Its blowing a spring gale as we take to the studio for another episode of the Yarra BUG Radio Show. Val and Faith are joined by Kat Carter of Rehub Studio and we kick off the programme by sharing our respective bike moments. W take a look at recent news including; Cycling Australia’s recent decisions about the wpmen’s road team, the ongoing Mandatory Helmet Law Review, the 2017 Race to the Rock results and the Russian athlete doping scandal.

Kat Carter, a physiotherapist, explains why it sometimes hurts when we jump back on the bike after a hiatus, and the best way to manage returning to riding to minimise the pain, whether you’re planning on commuting to work or training for Seven Peaks. We delve into the wonderful links between our muscles, our brain and our pedals before also taking a look at the problems presenting themselves at this time of year.

We finish up with some upcoming events including; an opportunity to meet Race to the Rock riders in Melbourne, the Burn Calories not Coal Bike Rally and the Cycle Chic Film Tour