Spring a Ding Ding!: Enjoying a last blast of wintery weather Val and Faith take to the studio this week joined by our guest, Thomas Keeble. We all share our bike moments before taking a look at news including; Australia’s poor record on vehicle emisions, the start of Race to the Rock over the weekend and the A Better SkyRail – Bell St Blockade scheduled for Tuesday 10th September, an important event for pedestrians and cyclists accessing Coburg Station and the Upfield shared path. 

Discussion turns to Spring a Ding Ding, a festival on Saturday September 14th with fun and activities for kids and families with an emphasis on exploring sustainable transport options for families. Its a great opportunity for the bicycle curious to meet and talk to families using bicycles, cargo bicycles and electric bicycles to get around. There’ll be a kid’s Fun Run, bicycle dress-ups, bike tune-ups, cargo bike test rides, a bike swap and more. With more and more people wanting to be able to take advantage of all the benefits of active transport for them and their children this is a great opportunity to get your foot on the pedal!  You’ll find all the details here