Reclaim Our Merri Creek walking along Normanby Road to Harding Street Bridge

Reclaim Our Merri Creek + Hunt 1000: Chris welcomes long term YarraBUG Radio presenter Steve back into the studio after a lengthly break doing bicycle adventures including the 2019 Hunt 1000Steve chats about the amazing alpine landscaperiding the trails, making his own bikepacking gear and adventures along the way.

This weeks interviews are from Reclaim Our Merri Creek walk, a community event organised in response to last weeks alleged assault on the trail in Coburg. Hundreds of locals walked along the Merri Creek trail on Sunday evening in response to concerns about using public space, preventing attacks against women and reclaiming the area for everyone. Interviews included Fiona Patten, MLC for the Northern Metropolitan region and two women expressing their concerns, including dealing with ripple effects from the attack, public perception about safety, changing societal expectations rather than kneejerk law and order responses and confronting microaggressions from men while riding. Expressive Women’s Choir sung MILCK’s Quiet as part of the walk that finished at Harding Street Bridge.

Local news includes heads up from Glen Eira Bicycle Users Group for Thursday 12th December 8am- 9am “thumbs up” pop-up at a secret location to be revealed Wednesday PM as they need as many people as possible to help bring the message home supporting safe bike paths and the Angry Butcher bikeshop in Sunbury kicks off their Drought relief fund.