Norsham Husaini @norshamhusaini on instagram

Talking to Norsham Husaini: Lockdown interview and video projects and the power of the bike to draw people out:

In this episode of the Yarra BUG Radio Show recorded remotely from lounge rooms, kitchens and studies across Melbourne during Lockdown 2.0 Val and Faith are joined by our guest Norsham Husaini. We all share our bike moments, and discover a mutal dislike of #burbing, before we move on to talk about the videos Norsham has been producing during lockdown.

Norsham’s videos are Q&A sessions with friends around the globe, recorded separately while both he and his interviewee are riding their bikes, and then edited together by Norsham. We talk about the effect riding has on loosening our minds, as people ponder their responses and the thoughtfulness it evokes in both interviewees and listeners and the surprises that come out of this. 

You can check out Norsham’s videos via his intagram account @norshamhusaini(link is external) or on You Tube(link is external)

We finish with a small digression about wattle and cycling and a reminder that the Tour de France is coming up.