E Cargo Bike Demo Day at Edinburgh Gardens in North Fitzroy, 10am – 2pm, Sunday 18th April 2021

Talking to Jurgen Heikamp about e-cargo bikes & more: on this weeks program Chris chats to Jurgen Heikamp from Dutch Cargo bike about the E Cargo Bike Demo Day at Edinburgh Gardens in North Fitzroy, 10am – 2pm, Sunday 18th April 2021. We also discuss e-cargobikes can do, last kilometre logistics, increased use for local freight, basic technical details, capacity, gearing, distance, charging requirements and what payment options are available as e-bikes can be more expensive than a bike although running costs are equal out when compared to a car,

Cycling-themed news includes change of seasons impact upon your riding, France offering financial incentives to change from older cars to e-bikes, quick overview of “Low traffic neighbourhoods: Making fairer, safer, cities” by Rachel Aldred, an example of pedal-powered mobility options from NZ, 30kmph speed limits in Hotham Street with reference to the previous Thanks for 30 campaign (13 August 2018) and the attempt to reinvent a train tunnel in Las Vegas.