Talking to Alice Clarke about learning to love cycling: on this weeks program Chris talks to Alice Clarke, freelance journalist, producer and presenter, about her new found appreciation for cycling, what attracted her to consider riding during lockdown life, too many bakery goods at home, how pop-up bike lanes are a game changer, how crap Chapel Street is to ride a bike, changing her previously negative attitude to bicycle riders to a positive one, her mums decision to take up cycling, how planning decisions impact upon how we use the roads and simply making it easier for people to move around.

You can read Alices articles at The Age/SMH, including Riding a bike is sweet freedom, even if it might kill meHow riding on Melbourne’s roads made me one of ‘those’ cyclists and also follow her on twitter.  

“Separated bike lanes on major arterial roads have proved a hit with cyclists. Credit: Nick Moir”