Iris Dixon (in the purple jacket) rides with the Golden Oldies at Preston Velodrome 2013

RIP Iris Dixon Australian Cycling Legend: today Faith and Val pay homage to Iris Dixon, a champion of Australian cycling and a cracking story teller. Iris Dixon passed away at the end of last week, aged 91. Iris was an incredible cyclist, Australian Cycling Hall of fame inductee and sixteen time national champion. She dissed our bikes when she was our studio guest in 2013. You can read more about Iris in Monique Hanley’s article A ride through history with Australian cycling legend Iris Dixon.

One thing that struck us was how much Iris would have enjoyed the inaugral Tour de France Femme which kicked off this weekend. We also discuss the changes to the No Left Turn for motorists at the cnr of Victoria Parade and Brunswick street and increasing cycnicism amongst people who use bicycles to get around about State government commitments to active transport.