Melbourne Metro and the impact on your bike commute:  Faith and Val are joined in the studio this morning by Jonathan Nolan of Melbourne BUG and Revitalise Sydney Road. We kick off the show by sharing our respective bicycle moments before taking a look at local news, including the sad news of another cyclist death at Macedon on the weekend. Conflicted cyclists across Australia woke to the news that the Australian Magpie has been named The Guardian’s Bird of the Year, and transport drove Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions to their highest point ever.

Jonathan takes though some of the many projects around Melbourne that are having an impact on riders, their routes and the potential to encourage new riders to take up using their bike for transport including; the completion of the separated bike lane on Albert St, the development of separated lanes at Southbank and Moray St Sth Melbourne, and the inadequate plans for bike infrastructure around new Melbourne Metro Tunnels at CBD North, Arden and Parkville. With entire roads being redveloped this is the perfect opportunity to build sparated lanes that can cope with increased growth in cyclist nubers yet Melbourne Metro are proposing sub-standard painted lanes that don’t meet current VicRoads guidelines. You can have your say on the proposed plans here before Friday December 15th.