Melburn Hurt & Durt

Melburn Hurt & Durt

This Girl Can + more #IPWR Tales: on this weeks program Chris speaks to Sarah Knight on Melburn Durt + Hurt contributing to This Girl Can and Henry Yates on his #IWPR adventures.

Sarah Knight was interviewed at Jetnikoff Bicycle Co.  after the screening of several clips created by This Girl Can ( also see Cycling Australia TGC site) with Melburn Durt + Hurt members talking about how cx  & track cycling had changed their lives.

On to more tales of (not the) Indian Pacific Wheelrace, Henry Yates, known to dotwatchers as 6ft8cyclist, chats about overcoming his ordeals during the 5000km ride and his next planned adventures.

Local news includes Eurydice Dixon vigilWalmer Street Bridge Coalition recap, great news from The Merri Creek Bridge Group and a massive weekend of cycling events around Melbourne, with the Tweed Ride, Melburn Roobaix and Swift Campout.

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