Lewis Ciddor rides the Tour Divide: Faith and Val are joined in the studio by endurance cyclist Lewis Ciddor. We swap bicycle moments before taking a look at local and overseas cycling news, particularly that affecting your transport options. Moreland Council have released their Draft Integrated Transport and Parking Strategy for feedback, but hurry, consultaion closes August 17th. Partially separated bike paths form part of the latest proposal for Sydney Road and the Walmer Street Bridge campaign is promised $200,000.00 towards a scoping study.

Discussion turns to the 2018 Tour Divide mtb race and Lewis’s inaugral effort, winning the 4400km race in fifteen days, two hours and eight minutes from a field of aproximately 160 participants. Lewis talks about his preparation for the ride, the bike he rode, the incredible route from Banff, Canada to the US-Mexican border, the 50,000m of climbing through some of the US’s most stunning scenery and the fauna and flora as well as his recovery. You can check out Lewis’s website at overlandarchive.com