On this weeks program Chris speaks to Dayna Andreussi and Cory Boardman from Brompton Junction in Carlton North about this Thursdays event:BROMPTON X CHPT3 2019 – Melbourne with David Millar, UK ex-pro cyclist and now UK Tour de France commentator and how Bromptons can open up transport possibilities beyond using a conventional bicycle.

Local news includes The Age’s editorial supporting City of Melbourne plans to close two city blocks to vehicles, and replace the road with space for cyclists and pedestrians, The Bikes of Wrath screening this Sunday 26 May at Cinema Nova, where five Australians attempt to cycle 2600kms from Oklahoma to California in honour of the westward migration undertaken by ‘The Grapes of Wrath’s’ Joad family.

Ian Treloar writes in Cycling Tips about “Waving at strangers: The bike that changed how I see cycling“, a much-needed discussion of how cargo e-bikes can change a young families transport priorities. 

Programs ends with a cheery cocking a snook at the weekends federal election results with Peep Tempels “Rayguns