Image: Luke Poland via twitter “Spotted some love for new lanes in Richmond! Nice work @YarraCouncil!!”

Making space in Yarra for active transport during COVID19: since April 2020, YarraBUG Radio has done a series of interviews on supporting safe movement for active travel and public health initiatives due to the COVID19 epidemic including Cr Rohan Leppert (City of Melbourne), Cr Jackie Fristacky (Yarra City Council), Dan Kneipp, CEO (Amy Gillett Foundation), Sam Hibbins MP (Victorian Greens Transport spokeperson), Megan Sharkey and Dr Ben Beck about #SpaceForHealth and Philip Mallis offer to assist riders plan their journeys. 

On todays program, Chris and Steve conduct a critique on Yarra City Councils meeting on 23 June 2020 about their COVID-19 Response Trials for a proposed fast rollout of trial vehicle diversions, bike lane extensions and walking circuits. Please feel free to provide additional feedback and make a useful nuisance of yourself at Making Space in Yarra.

At their July meeting, Moreland Council are considering additional infrastructure due to COVID19 concerns. Read minutes here regarding(link is external) items for Safe Movement of Pedestrians and Cyclists – COVID-19 Response and Removal of car parking spaces to support cycling infrastructure. Do you walk or ride the Capital City Trail/Linear Reserve in North Fitzroy/Carlton and would like to see improved lighting in the area? If so please email Mark at Open Space ASAP in support.