BikeSpot 2020 at

BikeSpot 2020 – the wrap up: Val and Faith are back producing the program remotely from two different suburbs. This week’s program is a patchwork of cycling and we kick off as usual with a reading from Val and our bike moments. Val is enjoying bike moments in his local park while Faith’s rides through the Wombat forest have been marred by news of mining exploration there. If you enjoy the serenity then consider this petition to stop the mining. 

We take a quick look at local news including the Covid19 response from Moreland Council last week approving $2.4 million of pedestrian and cycling projects. 

This week Faith managed to catch up with Anthony Aisenberg of CrowdSpot about the BikeSpot 2020 project. Now that the 2020 data collection project has finished Anthony takes us through some of the key findings and why data on perceptions of safety amongst cyclists is so useful. You can take a look at the final project report here or check out the interactive map here

We finish up with a literary interlude from Val.