What’s wrong with Nicholson Street, Coburg? Val and Faith are joined online for another pre-recorded Yarra BUG Radio Show.Our guests this morning are Helen Kratzmann of Pedestrian Safety for Nicholson Street Coburg and Catherine Hall from the Coburg High School Active Transport Committee. 

Nicholson Street Coburg is a known danger spot for pedestrians and cyclists and the Victorian Department of Transport (who are responsible for the road) have consistently failed to address safety issues in the area as they have been raised by residents. The problems extend all the way to the intersection of Nicholson Street with Bell St and onto Elizabeth Street where pedestrians and cyclists, including many of the almost 1200 students attending Coburg High School, are forced to use inadequate spaces not designed for the safe movement of people on foot and bicycles. 

In the past five days alone SEVEN motor vehicles have crashed with most ending up on the footpath or running into pedestrian infrastructure. There is no safe direct alternative route for riders in this area, particularly for those whose destination is on Nicholson Street.

We touch on the petition organised for Safe Access Over Bell Street Bridge for everyone and the responses to date from local MPs Tim Read and Lizzie Blandthorne, Moreland Council and TheMinister for Road Safety Ben Carroll. 

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