Image credit: ‘Pithy night-time projection in Glasgow by Cycling UK’

On this weeks program Chris interviews Carlton Reid, senior contributor, sustainability for Forbes about COP26, Carlton was previously interviewed on YarraBUG Radio about Emerging issues for pedestrians, bicycle riders & autonomous vehicles in March 2018.

Carlton Reid talks about his observations of 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow, bureaucratic & generational intransigence on climate change threats, dominance of EV / car industry, no mention of cycling in the “Blue Zone”, Transport Day, lack of opportunities for immediate decarbonisation and political courage to reign in vehicle use, stranded assets, over dependance upon future technologies, actions outside COP26rising influence and power of younger generationsEuropean Cyclist Federation COP26 joint letter on cycling and future COP agendas. Read more: No Bicycling At COP26 Means Quickest Way To Decarbonise Road Transport Is Inexplicably Missing

News & events: contribute your feedback to Moreland Councils Trial separated bike lanes – Kent Road by Wednesday 10 November 2021, watch this virtual ride from Glenroy to Brunswick to see Pascoe Vale’s pop-up lanes and new Upfield Path, new Wangaratta separated cycling lane for Phillipson Street between Sisely Avenue and Edwards Street and it’s Ride to Work Day on Wednesday 10 November, see & Bicycle Network for details.