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YarraBUG Radio Show #489 Monday 23rd April 2018

Bike Bendigo catch up, #GetOnBoardVic and Rushall Reserve update that raises questions:  two interviews on this weeks program, first up Chris catches up with Robert Kretschmer from Bike Bendigo about Project Underpass, their city receiving international accreditation from CycleLifeHQ  as Australia’s first Bicycle Friendly Community, and Australian Walking… Continue Reading →

YarraBUG Radio Show #488 Monday 16th April 2018

Long bike rides – IndyPac catch-up and preparation for the Hunt 1000: Val and Faith kick off this week’s show sharing their respective bike moments; adventures in recent rain and the learning curve associated with vintage road bikes. We cover… Continue Reading →

YarraBUG Radio Show #487 Monday 9th April 2018

Melburn Durts Indypac adventures across Australia: this week Chris chats to Elise and Kate from Melburn Durt IndyPac Team about their Indian Pacific Wheel Race experiences alongside Liz, Stef and Tess, riding a combined 5500km across Australia, including tales of inspiration, exhaustion, trail angels, dotwatchers and taking on massive personal challenges. You can catch up with… Continue Reading →

YarraBUG Radio Show #486 Monday 2nd April 2018

Pre-recorded next Monday’s #yarrabugradioshow this morning at @3crmelbourne We take a look at the history of Critical Mass in Melbourne, and Val reminisces about the significance of the movement in his life and some of the highlights between 1996-2010 with… Continue Reading →

YarraBUG Radio Show #485 Monday 26th March 2018

Carlton Reid: Emerging issues for pedestrians, bicycle riders & autonomous vehicles: on this weeks show: Chris talks to Carlton Reid, editor at large for BikeBiz UK on emerging problematic issues and if autonomous vehicles are capable of detecting their surrounding environment, (“All cyclists will need… Continue Reading →

YarraBUG Radio Show #484 Monday 19th March 2018

Extend the Upfield Bike Path campaign: its a stunning autumn morning as the show kicks off. Val and Faith are joined in the studio by John Englart and we all share our bike moments. We cover some local and international… Continue Reading →

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