BikeSpot Project LaunchDid you miss the BikeSpot Project launch and Riding in Melbourne: Perceived Fear or Real Risk Forum during the Sustainable Living Festival? Never fear, on 3CR we broadcast an edited version of the forum and have now included SoundCloud audio to the entire forum.

1. 3CR podcast, originally broadcast on Monday 15 February 2016

At this years Sustainable Living Festival, The Squeaky Wheel, CrowdSpot and Treadlie presented the forum: Riding in Melbourne: Perceived fear or real risk? This forum was also a launch for the new BikeSpot project, a collaboration, enabled by a TAC Community Road Safety Grant, between The Squeaky Wheel and CrowdSpot, to understand the bicycle riding community’s perceived level of safety compared to historical crashes at locations across Melbourne.

Panel included: Anthony Aisenberg, Director at Crowdspot, Pip Caroll, Founder and Director at The Squeaky Wheel, Jane Waldock, Manager Sustainability and Strategic Transport, City of Yarra, Alexander Sheko, Consultant, GTA Consultants and questions from the audience.

2. Entire BikeSpot Project Launch & Perceived fear or real risk forum – audio is approximately one hour