Image from Streets for People Preston Activity Link / YourSayDarebin

Whats the future for Darebin Streets for People projects, Gipps Street funding, Brunswick St pop-up lane & more: on this weeks sleep-deprived program Chris catches up with Ruth Jolley about cycling issues in northern Melbourne and particularly, City of DarebinBen O’Connor being fabulous at the Tour de France, City of Yarra Budget meeting with 9.1 Notice of Motion No. 4 of 2021 – Support for Additional Cycling Infrastructure including Heidelberg Road pop-up trial, the installation of the southbound separated bicycle lane on Brunswick Street towards Victoria Parade, Marianne Vos dedicating her Giro Donne win to Jolien VerschuerenYarra Bicycle Users Group Radio making our 3CR 2021 radiothon target and finally … $5.2m funding allocated for the long awaiting Gipps Street steps replacement!

Ruth discusses concerns in regards to public consultation and transparency with City of Darebin appearing to stonewall questions about current projects at council meetings with 2021 budget figures for cycling and footpaths spending being apparently reduced by 75%. With more people choosing cycling, Ruth is concerned about her council not showing leadership to improve accessibility, active transport infrastructure and commitment to the future of Darebins Streets for People projects, including funding allocation for Cramer Street in Preston.