Farewell Emma Wiggle / chatting to Cargo Bike Dad

Farewell Emma Wiggle & talking to Cargo Bike Dad: This weeks show starts with a little bicycle homage to Emma Watkins who’s leaving The Wiggles after a decade. Chris interviews Michael Hossen aka Cargo Bike Dad about how he got started with replacing the car for family transport. Micheal is a dad who rides an electric cargo bike with his young family and his motto is “Practicing what I preach. Ride more. Be the change”. We chat about bike choice, running costs, security, cycling advocacy in Melbourne, ebikes vs EVs, prior E-cargo bike interview with Paris Lord in Canberra, the Canberra Electric Bike Library, ebikes needing more promotion, outreach and financial accessibility so people can make a easier choice. Follow Cargo Bike dad on twitterinstagramfacebook and Melbourne Cargo Bikes group