Active transport: pedestrians and cyclists should be better allies:

On this weeks program Chris chats to Andrea, an active travel advocate and urban planner, about how pedestrians and bicycle riders can be better allies, levels of abilities, changes needed for years of under investment, planning, strategy, disability requirements plus pressure upon use of public space. Watch Shane Hryhorec’s video about him engaging with City of Yarra staff in a training and education day with a range of simulated challenges such as bins, e-scooters, e-bikes, driveways and road construction blocking footpaths and hard rubbish.

Local news includes Yarra Council voting to make Elizabeth Street seperated bike lane permanent and Port Phillip Bicycle User Group media release ‘Community groups call for seperated bike lanes on Kerferd Road’, along with The Heart Foundation, Victoria Walks, Port Phillip Emergency Climate Action Network (PECAN), Bicycle Network,Port Phillip Bicycle Users Group, Disability Resource Centre and Better Streets for Victoria and Australia

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