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The Crossing – a fabulous representation of the Canning / Princes St intersection in Carlton North. Massive kudos to The Bicycle Channel for making this video.

Yarra Bicycle Users Group is a community voluntary organisation located in the inner suburbs of Abbotsford, Alphington, Burnley, Carlton North, Clifton Hill, Cremorne, Collingwood, Fairfield, Fitzroy, Fitzroy North, Princes Hill and Richmond. YarraBUG is particularly interested in hearing from cyclists who may not be residents of Yarra but who commute daily through the area. Both cyclists and residents local knowledge, resources and skills are important in creating awareness and a safe cycling environment in Yarra.

Rushall_area_May2015April – May 2015: Rushall Reserve shared path consultation
In June 2014 you may recall the community pressure that helped retain funding to help proceed with a bypass to riding through the underpass at Rushall Station. Yarra City Council is currently seeking community input on a proposal for a Shared Path through Rushall Reserve linking Rushall Train Station to the existing path at the end of Holden Street, North Fitzroy.

Please forward this information to anyone you know who maybe interested in this Rushall Reserve shared path consultation.

1. Background to Rushall Reserve shared path consultation:
Many people would remember, numerous bike, pedestrian and Merri Creek advocates have been campaigning for two decades to get this connection funded. Some of you may even remember several impromptu “campaigns” to open up the area, including unfortunately, people having to lift their bikes over the fence when VicTrack closed off the informal path.

Getting the Rushall shared path by-pass would greatly assist riders not to use the underpass at Rushall Station, which also in turn would be great for decreasing path user conflict with local residents and commuters using Rushall train station area, people riding with kids and cargobikes.

Additional background going way back to June 2006: Merri Creek Review: Combined Submission from DarebinBUG, BrunswickBUG (now MorelandBUG) and YarraBUG.

2. Here’s one example of a submission that has been sent:

Dear Kevin,
Thanks for this opportunity to provide feedback on plans to fix path connectivity issues in Rushall Reserve. As I’m sure council recognises, the reserve sits at an important juncture on the Capital City and Merri Creek trails and yet the existing north-south path is a dead-end. I’m a nearby resident and it is not uncommon to see bike riders stop near the Koonda Lat bridge to check google maps, wondering why the obvious route towards Rushall station is missing. The lack of this connector also forces many bike riders to navigate the narrow pedestrian underpass at Rushall station, creating a choke-point that endangers all path users. Much of this could be eased with a north-south connector through Rushall Reserve.

I would like the reserve’s existing pathway to be extended south to the Merri Creek side of Rushall Station. This would ensure minimal impact on useable recreational space in the reserve, as compared to a building a path along its western edge (aligned to the railway). I understand that other nearby residents have raised concerns that this is being considered at all. They want no change and for the reserve to remain a place exclusively for dog-related recreation.

I expect this round of public consultation will show these residents are in the minority. And even if they are a large number, surely there is a stronger case for addressing this connectivity issue. There are also examples of dog-related recreation and bike use occurring harmoniously, side-by-side, all over the city. Rushall Reserve would be no different. Finally, the 2015 bike census* shows inner city bike use is continuing to rise. This underscores the need for infrastructure to keep pace and to address obvious missing links – such as Rushall Reserve – in the bike path network. I can be contacted on — should there be a need. Otherwise, I hope work can get underway soon to deliver this long-awaited connector.

Local resident

Direct Feedback and Web Discussion Forum – Bang the Table

Subject: Rushall Reserve shared path consultation

Dear Rushall Reserve user,
Yarra City Council invites your input on a proposal for a shared path through Rushall Reserve linking Rushall Train Station to the existing path at the end of Holden Street, North Fitzroy.
Council is exploring options for a shared path to provide an alternative route along the Merri Creek Trail/Capital City Trail which would avoid the pedestrian underpass and bridge at Rushall Station. The goal of the community consultation is to determine a design that is acceptable to all users of Rushall Reserve. Once the design concept is finalised it will be circulated to the community, prior to being put to a Council meeting in June 2015.

How you can provide feedback – Web Discussion Forum – Bang the Table
Provide your thoughts and see those of others on an open webpage From Friday 27th April Via the City of Yarra website.

For more information please email: OpenSpace[AT]yarracity.vic.gov.au or contact Kevin Ayrey on 9205 5770

East West Link – cutting Yarra cycling routes in half?
Not anymore! The East West Link project reference design is between the Eastern Freeway to Smith Street – or is it? After reading through the voluminous CIS documents we found no reference to the current Yarra bike strategy and nebulous references to what will occur to cycling routes during the projected construction period of up to 4-6 years.  Read our CIS submission to the Planning Panel made on Monday 7 April 2014

November – December 2013 – Wellington Street ‘Copenhagen Lanes’ – Thanks to all who helped, by signing the petition! Big thanks to all who helped by emailing councillors. Massive thanks to all who helped by taking action and getting others involved, we achieved over 700+ signatures via online & hardcopy in under two weeks! Special thank you to wellingtonstbikelane.info and Yarra Climate Action Now. Current situation is that Wellington St separated bike lane project will move forward to detailed design for costing.

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