From Yarra Council:  Rushall Reserve update (20 September 2017)

  • Read more about Rushall Reserve campaign here and here.

Plans to build a new shared path linking the existing Merri Creek Trail between Rushall Station and Koonda Lat Bridge in North Fitzroy are progressing.

At its meeting on 19 September, Council resolved to begin the process of applying for the required planning permit for the project.

The planning permit application will be publicly advertised and community members will have the opportunity to make a submission as part of this process.

Council first decided in principle to build the path in August 2016, following extensive community consultation, during which we heard a wide range of views.

The path will greatly improve the accessibility of Rushall Reserve for the whole community, in particular people with mobility issues (including residents of the nearby Rushall Park retirement village), people with children in prams, and people using Yarra’s off-road bicycle network. It will reduce the need for cyclists to use the pedestrian underpass at Rushall Station.

Read the full Council resolution below:


19 September 2017 – 11.1 – COUNCIL RESOLUTION

Moved: Councillor Coleman                                    Seconder: Councillor McEvoy

1.          That Council:

(a)        notes the further officer report regarding the proposed shared path in Rushall Reserve;

(b)        notes the feedback received at the roundtable meeting on 18 April 2017;

(c)        notes the judge’s findings in Monty v Bayside City Council & Ors. (2010) relating to an incident on a shared path and the advice from Council’s insurers on potential liabilities arising from constructing a path that does not comply with the minimum standards as recommended in the Austroads guidelines;

(d)        notes the previous Council resolution supporting an alignment described as B1 in Attachment 4;

(e)        endorses construction of a 2.5m wide path with suitable run-offs;

(f)          endorses an amended alignment consistent the resolution of Council on 2 August 2016, represented by A + B1 as described in Attachment 4; and

(g)        authorises officers to prepare the necessary information to submit a planning permit application as required under the Yarra Planning Scheme, having regard to VicTrack risk assessment requirements, for construction of a 2.5m wide path with appropriate run-offs in the area generally shown as section A in Attachment 4.

2.          That, in this regard:

(a)           Council further note that a planning permit application is required to be lodged for consideration of any proposed works in the Railway Reservation land and also any tree removal proposal in the Environmental Significance Overlay (referred to as Section A in Attachment 4); and

(b)        that any such planning application would be advertised to enable the community to formally participate in that planning process.

3.          That Council authorises officers to include in the plans for the proposal the relevant elements from 2(d) of the resolution of Council on 2 August 2016 (Attachment 2), those being:

(a)        except where decking is required, that the path be constructed in asphalt;

(b)        measures to slow the speed of bicycles and other mobility aids using the path;

(c)        planting of intermittent low vegetation along the edge of the path with appropriate segments of fencing with gates for pedestrian access;

(d)        1.4 metre high fencing along the embankment as a safety measure;

(e)        additional seating in the reserve, the installation of a drinking fountain with a dog bowl, and improved signage; and

(f)          tree planting in the reserve and ground covers, to offset any tree and vegetation removal.

4.          That Council authorises officers to communicate this resolution to park users through the installation of signage in the Reserve and other notifications on the Council web page.