Yarra’s draft Transport Strategy is open for feedback to 11 April 2022, at Your Say Yarra, you can fill in a brief survey, download the 51 page strategy, subscribe for updates and provide detailed feedback prior to the draft being adopted by Yarra Council.


On our recent 3CR program, Chris chatted to regular Yarra Bicycle Users Group Radio guest, Jeremy Lawrence from Streets Alive Yarra about Moving Forward: Yarra Councils draft Transport Strategy 2022. Local news includes rising petrol prices having impacts on just about everything and criticism about City of Melbourne bicycle infrastructure not getting the expected audience

We discuss the draft Transport Strategy, how it aligns with best practice, community engagement survey that closes on 11th April 2022, changing transport demands in the Yarra area, how this strategy supersedes prior council strategies, improved emphasis about riding to school, benchmarks and how to support the draft strategy so the 15 policies can be adopted, then a action plan developed then budget allocation can commence

Podcast link 1: https://www.3cr.org.au/yarrabug/episode-202203141000/talking-about-moving-forward-yarra-councils-draft-transport-strategy

Podcast link 2: https://www.yarrabug.org/radio/2022/03/14/yarrabug-radio-show-686-monday-14th-march-2022/

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