Val and Faith ease into a wintery morning with studio guest Andy White and our respective bike moments. We remind you that the 3CR Radiothon has kicked off and now is the perfect time to make a donation to support community radio. We run through some local and not so local news; the installation of a separated lane on Princes Bridge, the withdrawal of Bradley Wiggins from the Tour de France and the apoplexy of Bruce Guthrie over plans to move more people around the City of Melbourne.

Andy fills us in on plans for this year’s Melburn Roobaix, coming up in three weeks. Val, inspired by safe riding tips on Off the Beaten Path, discusses how you could use these to make your Roobaix ride safer, or just easier, and Andy throws in a couple of his own. Faith’s advice is to eat more cake although she neglected to say this on the programme.

We finish up with some events coming up for your bike riding enjoyment.

3CR relies on the support of its listeners to stay on air. Make a donation to the Yarra Bike Show as part of the Radiothon and we’ll be eternally grateful! Tune in next Monday 10th June when we’ll have our special Radiothon Show at 10.00am!

The Yarra Bike Radio Show is an initiative of the Yarra BUG.