Update: Paul Farren died on 5th October 2017. Alongside the fabulous Charlie, he was a legendary bicycle historian and collector not only in Australia but worldwide. As 3CR podcasts expire after a while, we’ve rehosted Faith & Val’s interview with Charlie and Paul from 23 September 2013.

It was a glorious spring morning and we reluctantly hopped off our bikes to spend half an hour in the studio. We kick off the show with our very special studio guests Paul and Charlie Farren and all share our bike moments before getting into some local news.

After a short break we chat to Paul and Charlie about their amazing bicycle collection, one of the top five collections in the world and rarely open to the public. The collection houses over 200 bicycles, all pre-dating 1905. Paul explains how he got into collecting and some of the adventures they’ve had along the way. We also discuss the new book documenting the collection.
As a special favour to 3CR listeners, Paul and Charlie are opening their private collection to the public for two hours on Saturday 28th September.