Sharing the path in Darebin: Its a long weekend for some but not for Faith and Val as we kick off this episode of the Yarra BUG Radio Show with studio guest, Anna Haygreen, Sustainable Transport Officer at Darebin City Council. We share our bike moments before looking at some news including an interview with John Merritt, CEO of VicRoads about transport modes in general and Sydney Rd in particular, the City of Melbourne Draft Bicycle Plan and fundraising with the Great Southern Crossing.

Anna takes us through Darebin’s campaign based around the St George’s Rd Shared Path which will be asking users of the path over the next month to contribute ideas about how pedestrians and cyclists can better share the path. These suggestions will be taken to the wider community for consultation to develop an etiquette about path sharing for Darebin.

We finish up with a quick look at some local events, rides that will fill your Cup Day with bicycle joy. #ridebikesnotponies