Lock it! Stolen bikes in the City of Yarra: Val and Faith brave a cold wet winter’s morning to get on their bikes and make it to the 3CR studios for the Yarra BUG Radio Show. We’re joined in the studio this morning by Glenn McFarlane of Victoria Police Crime Prevention. We kick off with our bike moments and some recent news including the amazing effort by Sarah Hammond in the Trans Am Bike Race, the tragic death of a cyclist in Footscray last week and yesterday’s Melburn Roobaix. Chatting to Glenn we talk about the key information you need to record about your bike so that it can be identified as yours in the event that it is stolen and the updated bicycle security brochure he has developed. We also talk about Victoria Police engraving, and the different circumstances in which bikes are stolen, especially in Yarra.

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Get in touch with Victoria Police for a copy of the brochure on which to record details about your bike here