Winter’s dying days – Obikes and more: it’s a cold and drizzly morning as Faith and Val take to the airwaves for this episode of the Yarra BUG Radio Show. We share our bike moments, including memories of the lateMatt McCullough, before moving on to local news.

The OBike system presents several different topics for discussion, the system makes bike sharing easier for some, but gets a mixed reception on Melbourne streets and from different groups, cycling and otherwise, in Melbourne. Discussion also turns to an interesting recent article on the inequality of laws and expectations mediating interactions between cyclists and motorists.

We remember those from our bike community lost recently including, Paul SemmensStephen Woolridge and Gary West and remind ourselves to look after one another and seek help when we need it. Losing so many from a community can be overwhelming at times and if you don’t have friends or family you feel able to talk to you can call Lifeline.

We finish up with events to get you out on your bike including Bicycle Maintenance classes, The fabulous Melbourne CX Grand Prix and Drag Drains Drag.