Adventure, bikelash, French Island and more: Faith and Val kick off the show with their usual bike  moments before taking a look at some news. Riders following the Indian Pacific Wheel Ride route leave Fremantle, you can catch up with the IPWR Dot Watchers here, while in Victoria the inaugral Gariwerd Wonderland was also underway. 

It seems timely to remind ourselves of some research from a few years ago into the phenomenon of bikelash. It describes bike lanes as ‘sponges for a sea of latent cultural and economic anxieties’, a very apt description of what seems to be going on in the current campaign against the City of Melbourne bike lanes. 

And a reminder to give your feedback via the survey on the Draft Yarra Transport Strategy. Tune into Chris’s program from last week for an interview about the strategy with Streets Alive Yarra

We talk about French Island, in Westernport Bay, and how it makes for a great weekend of sand and gravel riding, accessible via train or bike  and combinations of the two. 

And just a heads up at he end that the Handmade Bicycle Show will be held in June, and will be the first year without the wonderful Ewan Gellie